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Oriental Products Limited offers a solid base in the sourcing and provision of goods and servises to the mining, Agricultural, Manufacturing and Services industries. A wide range of electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, valves, computer accesories, hardware materials,chemicals and reagents, protective clothing and stationary.

Having been established in Zambia since February 2011, Oriental Products Limited has closely associated itself with well known electrical product brands through agency, distribution and system intergration. Our product flagship is mainly focussed on the Schneider Electric range of equipment with powerful brands of Telemecanique, Merlin Gerin and Modicon featuring prominently in our offering. read more...

Get to know us What we offer

The most affordable Electrical, Instrumentation,IT & Mechanical Products and solutions coupled with excellent service.


Our Products support projects ranging from Old & New Mines, Malls, Hotels, Industrial Plants to Telecommuncation and Irrigation Projects.


Unrivalled Technical and Marketing Support as well as upgrading or replacement of existing equipment.


Promoting effeciency and creating wealth through quality service Delivery.

Our Products;